Gated community of 5 houses in nature
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7 minutes drive to city + located in nature

Fasoula is a village located in the Limassol District of Cyprus. The village has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Here is a brief overview of the history of Fasoula:

Ancient Times: The area around Fasoula has been inhabited since ancient times. Archaeological excavations in the region have revealed evidence of settlements and tombs from the Chalcolithic period (around 3000 BC) and the Bronze Age.

Medieval Period: During the medieval period, Cyprus was ruled by various powers, including the Byzantine Empire, the Crusaders, and the Lusignans. Fasoula was part of the Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus, and the village was likely established during this period.

Ottoman Rule: In 1571, the Ottoman Empire captured Cyprus, and Fasoula came under Ottoman rule. During this time, the village experienced both prosperity and hardship, depending on the prevailing political and economic conditions.

British Colonial Era: In 1878, Cyprus was leased to the British Empire, and it became a British Crown Colony in 1925. Fasoula, like other villages in Cyprus, was affected by the political and social changes brought about by British colonial rule.

Independence and Modern Era: Cyprus gained independence from the British in 1960. Fasoula has witnessed significant development and modernization in recent decades, with improvements in infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

Present-Day Fasoula: Today, Fasoula is a small, rural village surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The village retains its traditional character with stone-built houses, narrow streets, and a close-knit community. The economy of Fasoula relies primarily on agriculture, with olive and citrus cultivation being prominent.

Fasoula also benefits from its proximity to the city of Limassol, which has contributed to the growth of tourism in the area. The village offers a peaceful and scenic retreat for visitors seeking a glimpse of traditional Cypriot village life.

Overall, Fasoula has a long and storied history, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus. It has evolved from ancient settlements to a thriving rural community, preserving its traditions while embracing modern developments.

house A

  • Plot size: 343 
  • Internal covered area: 191
  • Covered verandas: 28
  • Uncovered verandas: 64
  • Covered garage: 25


  • Plot size: 398
  • Internal covered area: 197
  • Covered verandas: 26
  • Uncovered verandas: 56
  • Covered garage: 22

house c

  • Plot size: 365 
  • Internal covered area: 197
  • Covered verandas: 27
  • Uncovered verandas: 58
  • Covered garage: 22

house d

  • Plot size: 326
  • Internal covered area: 197
  • Covered verandas: 27
  • Uncovered verandas: 48
  • Covered garage: 21

house e

  • Plot size: 357
  • Internal covered area: 197
  • Covered verandas: 29
  • Uncovered verandas: 58
  • Covered garage: 25

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Property Location

Project located at the edge of Fasoula village, Limassol disctrict, Cyprus

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